For over two decades Manny has collaborated with visual artist Jonathan W Green. They are currently working on a long-term venture titled ‘Meditations on Landscapes’.

Jonathan William Green is a photographer, painter, graphic designer and film maker based in Cheshire. For many years he has collaborated with Dance Artist Manny Emslie on a variety of projects. He is a minimalist and is drawn to creating images of simplicity and of enhancing place and space(s).

All forms of movement within environments influence and inform his practices. He has recently worked with Manny on a project they have titled ‘Minimal Marker’ (2017), which is part of a wider collection of work called 'Meditations on Landscapes'. He is dedicated to working exclusively with people and organisations who treat humans, animals and the environment with the highest levels of respect.

Manny often collaborates with South African/UK dance artist and curator Sarah Spies. They co-founded Oblique Strategists and have worked together on an evolving methodology that they have called Auto Scores©.