Manny is especially mindful of cultivating a democratic, co-created ethical space that encourages and supports openness, trust and caring for oneself that extends towards those with whom we are moving and dancing. Co-creating such an environment allows for deepening and relaxing into sensing what is arising, moment-by-moment and for responsive exploration.

Her current teaching practice is loosely playing with invitations of in the moment contemplations that are often paradoxical such as, how might you explore being with while letting go… or how might you explore liveliness within stillness… or how might you play with the fullness of emptiness. Often explorations will lead to solo and group improvisations.

Her teaching experience is extensive and is nearing that of three decades. She is a certified teacher of both Introductory and Ongoing Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT). Drawing from her daily meditation and SRT practices as well as her being drawn to Dilley’s Contemplative Dance Practice she is currently developing a methodology that she is sharing with others.

Manny is also a teacher of Mindfulness Practice see www.mindfulbeing.uk.com