Stillness in Motion©

June 15th 2019 from 10am - 4pm

Quaker Meeting House, Chester

Donations *£40-£60

*There is help with funding for those on low income

Booking is essential.

For further information contact Manny here

A movement meditation workshop is an opportunity to slow down, dwell in and attend to the resting and moving body. Rituals of coming home to the body and to the breath invite us to move from a place of stillness, wakefulness … of being present … so that we respond with a kindly attention to what is arising both internally and externally. Explorations will include moving from, shifting into and through meditation postures of lying, sitting, standing and walking, which will culminate in solo, partner and group movement improvisations that are loosely set around themes of ‘dynamic stillness’, ‘mindful pedestrian movement’ and ‘less is more.’ We will cultivate attitudes of friendly curiosity and non-striving to co-create an ethical space in which we take care of ourselves and of those with whom we are meditating, moving and improvising.


Skinner Releasing and Stillness in Motion© classes

July 15th and 16th 2019 from 9.30am - 4pm


Kingsway Building, Newton, Chester

Booking is essential.

For further information contact Manny here

Day one will begin with Skinner Releasing classes one and two.

Day two will focus on moving out of and into stillness and from sitting, lying, standing and walking meditation postures. Movement explorations will take form as solo, partner and group improvisations. Themes of the day are ‘noticing impulses and urges of mind body,’ ‘ less is more’ and ‘dynamic stillness.’