Manny is interested in how rituals of coming home to the body, to a place of wakefulness - of being present – allow for a process of gently being with, attending and responding to what is arising internally and externally. She is especially processing how cultivating attitudes of friendly curiosity, patience, non-striving, non-judging and a beginner’s mind nudges her towards and into fertile territories that have not previously been explored. In doing so surprising and unfamiliar ways of resting, dwelling in stillness and moving are often experienced.

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Manny is especially mindful of cultivating a democratic, co-created ethical space that encourages and supports openness, trust and caring for oneself that extends towards those with whom we are moving and dancing. Co-creating such an environment allows for deepening and relaxing into sensing what is arising, moment-by-moment and for responsive exploration.

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For over two decades Manny has collaborated with visual artist Jonathan W Green. They are currently working on a long-term venture titled ‘Meditations on Landscapes’.

Jonathan William Green is a photographer, painter, graphic designer and film maker based in Cheshire. For many years he has collaborated with Dance Artist Manny Emslie on a variety of projects. He is a minimalist and is drawn to creating images of simplicity and of enhancing place and space(s).

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